Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sweet Like Chocolate

Image courtesy of : Luca Trovato

Tomorrow it is Easter sunday which means, for most of us, the end of the period of lent. This year I decided to give up chocolate for lent (why did I put myself through that?!) and because of my lack of will power in the beginning I have to wait another week until my 40 days are officially over!
And as I near closer and closer to this date I find myself craving all things chocolate more than ever, so much so that I've put together a list of chocolate treats that I want to bake. And the first things on my list are mini pain au chocolats (pictured above).

I plan on adjusting the recipe slightly (here) as I'm not sure whether to use the suggested puff pastry or use Filo pastry instead. I'll be sure to upload pictures of my bake and let you know what I decided :) 

xo The Girl 

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