Monday, 1 April 2013

Bags, bags and more Bags

When it comes to fashion I have two obsessions shoes and bags. I recently bought the above bag from Accessorize which I love and get frequently get complimented on, but that hasn't stopped me being on the look out for a new one...

One bag which has been seen on practically every celebrities arm over the past year is the Celine winged tote (on the right) but seeing as I can't afford the £2040 price tag I've been on the lookout for alternatives. One option, and probably the best one, is the Simone winged pocket tote bag from accessorize which costs only £40 and should be restocked some time soon.

Another bag which has caught my eye is the Prada Saffiano bag which though it costs less than the Celine bag (£1290) it is still waaaay outside of my budget. One alternative which has been very popular is the Zara office city bag which costs a reasonable £50, this bag is soo nice and the added texture of the material used just makes it that little bit more special.

Whilst the above options are bags that I'll probably buy and then hide from my mum there is only one bag that I really really want and this is the Doctor Sarah stag bag from Accessorize (£45). I love everything about this bag from the colour to the style of it (it has a doctors bag fastening) but unfortunately it was only sold last year and by the time I went to buy it it was out of stock :(. Hopefully Accessorize will restock the bag this year! 

Feel free to leave a comment suggesting any other bags that could replace this stag bag in my wardrobe


xo The Girl

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