Saturday, 13 April 2013

Food glorious food...

Before I left for Uni cooking a meal consisted of putting some chips in the oven and making sure it didn't burn. But since I've had to fend for myself I've grown tired of chips and chicken salads and have gotten excited about making some new dishes and here are a few that I want to try out:

Images Courtesy of: BBC good food

Spicy pea and potato roll - This is a twist on the classic spring roll and is made up of ingredients that can usually be found in cupboards and all you need to really buy is the filo pastry to roll it in.
Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing - I recently made some vanilla cupcakes for the family because I knew if I made chocolate ones I'd be the only one eating them! But I used store bought icing instead of making my own which is something that I will definitely do when I make these.
Homemade chicken curry - I mentioned this dish in my things to do blog here and I will do this before the end if the year! (it's only April so that's plenty of time haha).
Chocolate Macaroons - Macaroons have become a 'craze' in baking and are notoriously difficult to make, but there's no harm in trying and if I'm going to make them ofcourse they'd have to be chocolate!

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